Changing an Employee's Withholding State Tax

Changing an Employee's Withholding State Tax

Please note that the payroll system defaults to the company state for tax purposes, so in addition to the steps below, the company’s cost center(s) need to reflect “Use Employee Home Address As Work Address For Taxes”  **for help with this set up, please contact your payroll processor**

From the main menu, click on Team

        1.      My Team

        2.      Employee Information


        3.      Click on the  icon next the applicable employee 

        4.      From the employee’s payroll tab, click on Tax Information

        5.      Click on State

        6.      Under Jurisdiction you will see the withholding state for the employee.  Click on Actions and View Tax Jurisdiction

      If the employee is not subject to this tax you have two options to choose from, Block and Exempt (see        definitions below for each).

      Yes: The employee or employer is subject to withholding for this tax.
      Block W/H: The wages will be reported for the tax, but withholding will not occur.
      Exempt: Both wages and taxes are exempt. Therefore, taxable wages will not be reported,                and withholding will not occur.  Selecting Tax Exempt stops the system from calculating both wages                   and tax. No wage or tax will be reported on Tax Returns & Year-End Tax Forms for this tax.

      To stop tax from withholding but have the system continue to calculate, track and report the wages, set        the EE Withhold Status to Block W/H.
        7.      If you need to add a new state, click on Add, and choose the new state.  

On the employee's next pay statement please review to make sure that taxes are being withheld to the correct state.  

      *Please contact your payroll specialist if you need assistance* 

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